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~/xUnit tests in a Windows 8.1 Store App

25 May 2014

At the time of writing the current version of xUnit (1.9.2) does not support Windows 8.1 Store applications. The pre-release version (2.0.0-beta-build2650) however has the core library built as a PCL (Portable Class Library). So to add a xUnit test assembly to a Windows 8.1 Store application we need to add a PCL library and add the pre-release xUnit NuGet package.

Add a new project. Under Visual C#, then Store Apps, then Windows Apps, select Class Library (Windows):

Install the pre-release version of xUnit by either picking Include Prelease in the Package Manager, or open the Package Manager Console (Tools, NuGet Packager Manager, Package Manager Console), select the new test assembly project, and execute install-package xunit -Pre.

I also use the Test Support test runner for Resharper, which has a pre-release version that supports xUnit 2. Install that by opening Resharper’s Extension Manager and selecting Include Prerelease before searching for xUnit:

Results are fields of green: