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~/Xamarin Studio borking on a Unified API project

12 January 2015

I created a Unified API iOS Binding Project in Xamarin Studio (but this may happen for all unified API projects). This is in Xamarin Studio 5.5.4. When I went to build the project I got an error, something like this:

Error: could not import 'blah'

Turns out the generated project file has some errors:

Hi, i did succeed in the end. Here was the solution for me: For some reason, the binding project with Unified API has some errors in it’s project file. After creating the project, i saved it. and opened it with a text editor. Look for the Importproject element that claims to import the ObjCruntime, this line has a faulty path. It should be:

<Import Project="$(MSBuildExtensionsPath)\Xamarin\Xamarin.ObjcBinding.CSharp.targets" />

Also, i added this to the propertygroups:


(Note: add the framework identifier to each of the PropertyGroup elements)