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~/Running etherpad-lite from source on Windows

23 Dec 2011

  1. Fork and clone etherpad-lite
  2. Install node.js windows installer (MSI) from
    • This includes NPM (Node Package Manager)
    • Path to node.exe and npm.cmd are added to the path (restart console)
  3. Download curl.exe ( and save it to somewhere in the path
  4. Open the var folder and delete any files named minified*
  5. Check the required versions of files:
    • jQuery, from bin/
    • node.js, from bin/
  6. From the etherpad-lite directory, run the following commands (note this was tested using PowerShell, may be different for cmd.exe):
    • copy settings.json.template_windows settings.json
    • npm install
    • curl -lo static\js\jquery.min.js
    • copy static\custom\js.template static\custom\index.template
    • copy static\custom\js.template static\custom\pad.template
    • copy static\custom\js.template static\custom\timeslider.template
    • copy static\custom\css.template static\custom\index.template
    • copy static\custom\css.template static\custom\pad.template
    • copy static\custom\css.template static\custom\timeslider.template
    • curl -lo bin\node.exe
  7. Run start.bat