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~/Reboot, yet again

24 Dec 2022

And yet again I have rebooted this site.

This time I’ve stuck with the existing style (I like it) and backend (Jekyll, hosted on GitHub Pages). But I’ve added some new pages (About me and my resume) and archived all my old posts.

There are posts here from 2008, and the most recent post was from 2018. Things have definitely changed for me since then. I’ve moved more and more into leadership roles, and I’ve developed a strong interest in DEI, mental health, neurodiversity, and coaching.

I’ve also joined SixPivot, going back to my consultant roots but with a major part of my role helping the company develop mental health and neurodiversity safe spaces and support systems, building out DEI initiatives, working on internal mentor programs and career pathways, and starting my own coaching practice.

I talk about this some more in my About me page, but I have developed a strong interest in professional coaching, especially given an incredibly positive experience with Kate Jenkinson as my coach while I was a Head of Development with Automattic. I’m planning on starting a professional coaching certification in 2023, and using that within SixPivot to help with 1:1s, coaching, mentoring, and career development.

I’m also planning on building my (currently poor) knowledge of Azure, particularly around Azure architecture and the many, many, …..many different services available on the Azure platform. This is so I can more confidently help design systems and make recommendations to clients and within the teams I’ll be working with at SixPivot.

Very exciting times for the year ahead to be honest. As always my mental health is a struggle, especially in the last couple of weeks. So I need to be careful of that too.

I’ve always loved writing, and I’m hoping that my new position will allow me to do much more of that in a professional capacity. So, this blog will hopefully see more action, with some technical posts but possibly with more of a focus on mental health, neurodiversity, DEI, coaching, and communication in general.