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~/Mercurial - Undoing an uncommitted merge

12 Jul 2010

I’ve moved from Subversion to Mercurial at work to get past some merge problems SVN was giving me. After a few teething problems everything is working out fantastic. I’m also mainly using the command line rather than a GUI front end which is surprisingly efficient.

I just did a merge to a stable branch then realised I had forgotten a change that really should be done on the branch I was merging from (just a version number update). Unfortunately you can’t seem to merge revisions over the top of an existing uncommitted merge so I needed to roll back the merge and start again. In Subversion I would just revert the changes, but Mercurial is a bit smarter about its merges.

To see the parents of the working copy, run hg parents. After doing the merge there should be two parents. There are two steps in rolling back the merge. Note the period (.) at the end of both of these commands:

hg revert --all -r .
hg update -C -r .

Calling hg parents should now just show the original parent.