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~/Resolving a list of type registrations from Autofac

26 Jun 2014

I needed to get all types that implemented a given interface that were registered with Autofac. Not a set of factories, that would be as simple as this:

class Consumer
	public Consumer(IEnumerable<Func<IFoo>> fooFactories)
		// ...

What I really need is something like Consumer(IEnumerable<Type> fooTypes) where the types are everything implementing IFoo, but of course Autofac can’t resolve that.

Inspired by this StackOverflow answer, here’s an extension method that does what I need:

public static class LifetimeScopeExtensions
    public static IEnumerable<Type> GetImplementingTypes<T>(this ILifetimeScope scope)
        return scope.ComponentRegistry
            .RegistrationsFor(new TypedService(typeof (T)))
            .Select(x => x.Activator)
            .Select(x => x.LimitType);

To use it my consumer just takes an ILifetimeScope dependency:

public Consumer(ILifetimeScope scope) 
	var fooTypes = scope.GetImplementingTypes<IFoo>();

Note that I needed to register the types both as the base type IFoo (for the implementing type resolution) and as self, so I could later resolve using scope.Resolve(fooType). My registration looks like this:

        builder.RegisterAssemblyTypes(typeof (IFoo).Assembly)
            .Where(t => t.IsAssignableTo<IFoo>())
            .Where(t => !t.IsAbstract)