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~/Advisor profile

As an accomplished technology leader with extensive experience in various leadership positions, I offer expertise in software development, project planning, and team guidance. With a background as a CTO and Head of Technology in multiple startups, I have honed my skills in bootstrapping software projects and overseeing their successful execution. My passion for fostering inclusive environments has led me to actively engage in initiatives focused on neurodiversity and mental health, while also serving as a mentor to aspiring professionals in the field. As a leader in various companies I have brought a wealth of strategic thinking and planning.


Skills and Expertise

With a combination of technical and leadership skills, strategic thinking, and a passion for creating inclusive environments, I am dedicated to helping organisations and individuals achieve their goals. Whether guiding software projects, cultivating high-performance teams, or driving DEI initiatives, I bring a wealth of unique experience and a humanist, collaborative approach to any role I undertake.