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~/TGIF – 21 December 2012

21 Dec 2012

The whole “regular Friday post” thing got away from me, so here is my second weekly post in almost two months. On the plus side I’ve been extremely busy.


I moved my data access layer out into its own GitHub repository and started distributing it via NuGet. Since then I’ve added some features – an attribute to indicate that fields and properties in DTOs should be ignored in update and insert operation, and support for DTOs that don’t have a parameterless constructor.


I created a really basic template engine that takes an MS Word document and replaces merge fields with values. Since then it has even had a couple of contributions from @deltasem which is really cool. It is also available on NuGet.


I started a reporting library that converts XML (generated from Razor templates in the examples although they could be generated using other methods) into HTML, CSV and PDF. It has a NuGet package and there is also a package that provides an example Razor template.

As part of this I submitted a quick patch to the RazorGenerator project, which was accepted and released on NuGet overnight. I <3 OSS.

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