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~/TGIF – 8 February 2013

08 Feb 2013

I’ve been brutally busy over the holidays and since then. A lot of the client work I have done has included a number of improvements and additions to SWXBEN’s OSS swag.


I’ve added a number of features to my little data access layer:



Pulled out a small suite of extension methods, some based on Ruby, some on PHP madness, some just shoddy implementations of things that I need to frequently do such as sentence casing a "PascalCasedString" or formatting decimals. This was mostly for my own benefit rather than something I thought would be useful as OSS, but it’s managed a few downloads on NuGet.


A small collection of WinForms dialogs and helpers. List search dialogs are pretty cool. Available on NuGet.


I’m resurrecting my PHP MVC-ish framework Slab – hitting it with a lightning bolt if you will (ah I’m so funny) – in response to an upcoming project that will use it. PHP may not be the sexiest of environments but it is still pretty ubiquitous and simple to set up a shared host, so it is nice to be able to work with a relatively stable home-brewed framework.

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