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~/Super-simple data access layer

31 Oct 2012

I’ve released a simple data access component that makes working with MS SQL databases in C# much more fun. It is a single file that can be dropped into a project, passed a connection string, and used with very little interference. It is similar to the excellent Massive but without as much magic.

Queries and commands can be executed using SQL, passing in an anonymous or strongly-typed model:

dataAccess.ExecuteCommand( "INSERT INTO Customers(CustomerId, CustomerName) VALUES(@CustomerId, @CustomerName)", new { CustomerId = 1, CustomerName = "SWXBEN" } ); 

INSERT and UPDATE commands can also be created using some simple assumptions about the table (just adding ‘s’ to the model name) and with no need for attributes or naming conventions:

class Customer { public int CustomerId; public string CustomerName }  var customer = new Customer { CustomerId = 1, CustomerName = "SWXBEN" }; dataAccess.Insert(customer);  customer.CustomerName = "Software by Ben"; dataAccess.Update(customer, "CustomerId"); 

The name of the ID column is passed in to the Update method. In the future I may add some simple conventions to figure out the identifier automatically.

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